Emirati woman wins “Ideal Mother Award for Intellectual Disabilities” in Kuwait

KUWAIT, –Dr. Manal Rafiq Ja’rour, Vice President of the Emirates Down Syndrome Association, has won the “”Ideal Mother Award for Intellectual Disabilities” in Kuwait.

Aisha Al-Salem, Director of Al Kharafi Activity Kids Center in Kuwait, announced at a press conference the names of 19 mothers who won the “Ideal Mother Award for Intellectual Disabilities” from the State of Kuwait, the GCC states and some Arab countries.

The event was organised for the fifth year in a row to honour the mothers who have spent their lives in the service of their children with disabilities.

She stressed the importance of highlighting the parents of children with the intellectual disabilities, their role in society, as well as encouraging them to sustain social work so as to continue improving the lives of their children with disabilities.

Dr. Ja’rour expressed her pride in the appreciation of Kuwait and the Gulf States, adding, “What distinguishes a mother endowed with a child with disability is the consent and acceptance of the Lord’s gift”. She added, “These mothers exercise patience and persevere in their upbringing of such children with tenacity to get out the best of them.”

She said that the award “is an appreciation from the Kharafi Centre in Kuwait in recognition to the efforts of these mothers.” Dr. Ja’rour expressed gratitude for her selection within a distinguished elite of mothers interested in the affairs of sons and daughters with disabilities inside and outside Kuwait.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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