Emirati scholar in UK demonstrates UAE’s success in digital transformation

ABU DHABI, The UAE’s success in the field of digital transformation and innovative eGovernment was recently showcased at the 61st Operational Research Conference, amidst presentations and discussion of international research papers submitted to the global event which was hosted by the University of Kent, UK, on 3rd-5th September 2019.

The event aimed to attract and discuss research papers from around the world on Operational Research in presence of more than 300 experts and academics from worldwide.

The UAE’s success was showcased in a paper presented by Dr. Mouza Majed Al Mansoori, who was on a scholarship from the Scholarships Department at the Ministry of Education. “Innovation and Cybernetics” was the research subject for her DBA in Business Administration at the University of Manchester, UK.

In her research, Dr. Al Mansoori highlighted the UAE’s remarkable achievements in the fields of Digital Transformation and Innovation in eGovernment services as manifested in the UAE government strategy to provide smart, interactive services that are based on modern digital technologies, artificial intelligence, AI, and best international practices.

Commenting on her input in the global event, Dr. Al Mansoori said that Operational Research involves better, streamlined decision-making processes for a smarter and more efficient performance and a developed world through rigorous scientific analysis and better evidence-based decision-making. She added that her research addresses one of the areas set by the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy. Therefore, the research includes implementation of a practical application on an electronic system, with a digital platform that provides smart health services in the public sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Al Mansoori said that her presentation at the Conference included the research empirical findings, and recommendations for enhancing the efficiency of the system performance to achieve the desired objectives. It also includes the characteristics of the digital platform, which is not only a technical system, but is rather grounded scientifically on the characteristics of the Cybernetics Theory, with a feedback loop.

This theory requires approved standards in terms of key performance indicators, a mechanism for monitoring and tracking of variances, a response to the outputs of comparing actual performance against desired performance, variances’ analysis, and the ability to adjust the system performance according to the desired objectives by using a set of KPI’s at the planning phase for constructing the system in the first phase.

Later, it is adjusted in accordance with the approved standards and the desired objectives as well as based on a review of the feedback loop data. This adjustment in the system performance may be done through the human factor or automatically by programming certain system algorithms based on the intervention of machine learning and AI.

Al Mansoori expressed her pride as an Emirati woman representing her country in such a prestigious global event. “The insightful vision of our wise leadership aims at anticipating the future and building capabilities in all areas that would allow the nation to help find smart, practical and innovative solutions, using state of art technologies to achieve sustainable development and welfare for all,” she said.

Dr. Al Mansoori stressed that the UAE government’s efforts to optimise government services have now become an exemplary system on par with those developed by the world’s best countries, competing with the advanced countries for top rankings in all indicators of development, progress and prosperity.

Source: Emirates News Agency