Emirati artist represents UAE at Beijing’s Shangyuan Art Museum

DUBAI — Maisoon Al Saleh, a young Emirati multi-disciplinary artist, has represented the UAE at a recent solo exhibition entitled, “DXB to PEK”, part of the Global Residence Programme at Beijing’s Shangyuan Art Museum.

Al Saleh is Project Manager at the Smart Services Department of the Smart Dubai Government Establishment, making her part of the team at the Smart Dubai Office which works to advance and expedite Dubai’s transition into a smart city.

The Shangyuan Art Museum in Beijing granted Al Saleh a solo exhibition, as opposed to her taking part in a group showcase, in recognition of her devotion and creativity, as well as the originality of her work. Al Saleh showcased 30 of her artworks, some of which ended up being incorporated into the museum’s private collection.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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