December 10, 2022

Emirates Health Services holds youth circle on role of youth in future of mental health

DUBAI, The Emirates Health Services (EHS) has organised a youth circle entitled, “Youth and the future of mental health”. The circle discussed ways to enhance and spread the best experiences and practices in mental health, and deliver positive messages that help boost the mental health of youth and their role in sustainable development in the future.

It also highlighted the positive impact of the youth councils’ constant communication in launching mental health initiatives based on the creative ideas of youth. This would help enhance youth community engagement and elevate their capabilities to assume responsibilities in leading society and contributing to its welfare and sustainability, in accordance with the future directions of the country.

Held at Al Rasheed Hall at Sharjah’s House of Wisdom, the youth circle was attended by a number of officials and employees from the medical services sector in the Mental Health Department, in addition to 20 youths.

The event aims to increase public awareness about youth mental health, explore new prospects for young people to learn about mental health developments, and change negative perceptions and reduce the stigma associated with mental health among young people.

It also aims to empower young people to propose future initiatives and activities to promote mental health in the areas of promotion, prevention, comprehensive and integrated services, and digital mental health, as well as to explore the views of young people about mental health services that must be provided to respond to their needs.

Dr. Yousef Mohammed Al Serkal, Director-General, EHS, hailed the efforts of the EHS Youth in organizing panel discussions to discuss vital topics of interest to various groups of society.

This stems from the importance of investing in the future and empowering and motivating youth for further innovation, which reflects the EHS’s endeavors to move to the forefront of government bodies in providing full support to youth to unleash their inherent potential.

Al Serkal underscored that the EHS prioritizes the youth category in its mental health programs and works hand in hand with relevant government bodies to carry out comprehensive and integrated programs to enhance the mental health of young people.

The attendees exchanged ideas and reviewed solutions to come up with innovative ideas and collectively participate in the positive impact and the importance of mental health care.

Source: Emirates News Agency