Embassy’s customer service and contact information during the corona virus pandemic

Please note that the Embassy’s customer service is currently congested and some delays may be expected in answering the e-mail inquiries.

The collection of documents is possible on specific dates

The next collection dates are as follows:

Monday 26 September between 13.30-15.30

Thursday 29 September between 09.00-15.00

Please note that the collection times are subject to changes.

You may collect the document in person or authorize a courier service to do so. If you have received a confirmation from the Embassy regarding the collection of your documents, please follow the instructions.

Additional matters to note in our customer service

To schedule an appointment to submit a residence permit application, please send an e-mail to coim.abo@formin.fi. Your appointment request will be placed in the queue. Please note, that due to the high volume of applicants, delays are to be expected in scheduling an appointment.

More information regarding the residence permits during the corona pandemic (Finnish Immigration Service):  Effects of the coronavirus outbreak on customers who are abroad(layout.types.url.description) (Opens New Window).

Students: If you have been admitted to a university, you may contact the Admissions Services of your hosting Finnish university for detailed information on what options you have for starting your studies online, or postponing the start of your studies. 

Residence permit cards: Please be informed that when the Embassy has received your residence permit card, the Embassy will contact you by e-mail to provide instructions how to collect it (in person or by a courier service). This may take up to three weeks from the day of your decision.

Finnish citizen services: Inquiries regarding passports, notarial services and registrations to the Finnish Population Information System, please contact the Embassy preferably by e-mail consulate.abo@formin.fi.

Monitor the situation closely through local authorities and local media, and through your airline or tour operator.

Source: Finland in the UAE