EHRA supports national efforts to combat human trafficking

DUBAI, The Emirates Human Rights Association, EHRA, expressed its support for the UAE’s national efforts, through the work of relevant government and civil society organisations, to counter human trafficking, not only inside the country, but also in other countries, as well as its joint efforts with the United Nations, UN, to combat the crime.

A press release issued by EHRA marking the annual World Day against Trafficking in Persons on 30th July stated that the UAE has strengthened its efforts to combat human trafficking, by forming the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking Crimes, which aims to combat all forms of abuse connected to human trafficking such as sexual exploitation, selling persons, offering persons for selling or buying, and engaging victims in forced labour and begging.

In 2012, the government launched its Five Ps strategy Prevention, Prosecution, Punishment, Protection and Promotion (of international cooperation).

The release also highlighted the creation of a national programmes to combat human trafficking and train the personnel of law enforcement authorities, as well as the launch of community programmes to raise awareness of this crime and its risks, affirming the UAE’s commitment to combatting human trafficking.

Source: Emirates News Agency