Dubai to host Solar Asset Management MENA Conference

DUBAI, Dubai will play host to the Solar Asset Management MENA Conference, the biggest gathering of solar industry stakeholders which will take place on 17-18 November.

A massive $15bn worth of solar projects are expected to be operational in the next five years in the Middle East while the current solar power market in MENA is estimated to be worth more than $20 billion, according to the Middle East Solar Industry Association, MESIA, in a projection ahead of conference. It has forecast a further growth, saying that the region sees shrinking cost of solar coupled with a surge in clean energy demand.

The MENA region is expected to require 267 GW of additional power generation capacity by the year 2030, representing a jump of 66 percent, which has led to the region turning its gaze to renewables, solar in particular, to meet its needs. Situated on the global sunbelt and with irradiation levels rising above 6 kWh/m2, the MENA region is well-equipped with all the necessities to become an oasis of solar energy production.

Desert-proofing solar operations in the region will be of paramount concert for solar project stakeholders, and will be among the key topics that will be discussed during the conference.

Source: Emirates News Agency