Dubai Governor to Salam: No intention to target Lebanese in Emirates

NNA – UAE Vice President and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, reassured prime minister Tammam Salam on Saturday that the UAE intends no harm against Lebanese expats denying that they would be targeted in anyway.The denial and reassurance came during Salam-Al-Maktoum meeting at Sharm al-Sheikh” Economic Support and Development Summit”Discussions also reportedly bore on the general situation in the Arab World as well as promoting UAE-Lebanese bilateral ties.Salam underscored the importance of such relations for Lebanon affirming that all Lebanese remain keen on safeguarding UAE’s stability and security; on the other hand, he underscored the significance of the active role played by the Lebanese expatriate community in revitalizing UAE prosperity.Salam reportedly boarded with Maktoum a UAE decision to deport 70 Lebanese nationals within 24 hours, with Maktoum promising a quick follow up of the decision.The PM for his part confirmed that no such formal decision or intention to target any Lebanese residing in UAE has been yet taken. However, in event of any action being taken against anyone, it would certainly be governed by security considerations without ever exceeding such limits,” the PM concluded.=====G.G./R.K.