Dubai Economy visits shops and commercial establishments as part of ‘Compliance Day’

DUBAI, The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection, CCCP, Sector in Dubai’s Department of Economic Development will begin a series of field visits tomorrow to shops and establishments in the emirate to enhance awareness within the business community on their rights and responsibilities as part of the ‘Compliance Day’ initiative.

Observed in September every year, the ‘Compliance Day’ is part of the Dubai Economy strategy to sustain a culture of compliance and awareness among businesses, enhance confidence among traders and strengthen Dubai’s reputation as a competitive hub for business growth.

CCCP officials visit commercial establishments across varied sectors as part of the ‘Compliance Day’ and advise business owners on improving compliance without imposing penalties on violations if any. The initiative helps improve traders’ awareness on business laws and regulations and motivates them to collaborate with the authorities in adopting best commercial practices.

Mohammed Rashid Ali Lootah, CEO of CCCP, said: “The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection sector strives to spread the concept of Dubai as an exemplary and globally competitive business environment in addition to educating business owners on their rights and responsibilities. We seek to support business growth and build a sustainable partnership between the government and private sector for the benefit of the local market, reinforcing Dubai as a competitive and friendly place to do business.”

The CCCP team had visited 515 commercial establishments in Dubai as part of the ‘Compliance Day’ in 2018, Lootah said, adding that it helped Dubai Economy strengthen relations with the private sector, which is a strategic partner in the sustainable development of the emirate.

Lootah stressed that CCCP primarily aims to facilitate doing business and protect the rights of consumers as well as traders. Improved awareness on compliance will accelerate the adoption of best practices and strengthen quality, excellence and transparency in buying and selling across Dubai, thus reducing consumer complaints significantly, he added.

Source: Emirates News Agency