Dubai Customs organises 362 online training courses during remote working period

DUBAI, The Training Centre at Dubai Customs has organised 362 remote training courses which spanned 1,074 online hours (equivalent to 4,296 traditional training hours).

These included 358 online courses on Linkedin over 689 online hours (equivalent to 2,756 traditional training hours) and targeted 710 employees. Dubai Customs’ iLearn portal ran four online training courses which weighed 385 online hours (equivalent to 1,540 traditional training hours) and targeted 77 employees.

The online training courses covered a number of important topics such as problem solving and decision making, client happiness, information security, corporate governance, effective guidance, work teams dynamics, block chain basics, and others.

“Dubai Customs spares no effort to develop the skills of its employees to keep abreast with technological advancements through online courses available on different platforms, such as LinkedIn. This is in line with our wise leadership’s vision and the national strategy of preparing a well-educated and trained generation, able to drive development in all sectors,” said Mohammed Al Ghaffari, Director of HR Department.

“These online courses are highly scalable and less disruptive to schedules. This model offers the right learning environment for optimal absorption. They are conducted in line with the government’s vision to help improve employee engagement and increase employee retention. It also has a positive impact on efficiency, innovation and productivity, especially during this difficult time,”added Asma Ahmed, Senior Training Manager.

There are more than 10,000 online training courses available for employees on LinkedIn.

Source: Emirates News Agency