DHA water shortage (Dawn (Pakistan))

THE residents of DHA in Karachi are facing an acute water shortage of late. Water is being supplied once or twice a week and that too for a short duration of no more than two or three hours.
The Clifton Cantonment Board is charging residents Rs 10,658 per year for a house built on 500sqyd plot.
The acute water shortage has placed residents at the tanker mafia’s mercy. Water tanker operators have increased their rate from Rs 2000 for a 3,000gallon tanker to Rs 5,000.
During the operation of the shortlived Cogen Desalination Plant, the water supply situation in Defence had improved tremendously.
Without going into the demerits of installation of existing idle/condemned desalination plant, I would like to know why the authorities cannot instal at least two desalination plants based on the latest technology to overcome the nagging water problem in DHA.
The UAE is solely dependent on desalination plants to meet their water requirements and operates dozens of desalination plants. Then, why is the DHA unable to instal even one such plant that can help meet the everincreasing water needs of DHA. I request the authorities to look into the matter with the urgency that it deserves.