DHA expands specialised medical training programmes

DUBAI, Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, announced today the expansion of medical education and training programmes to include more medical specialities.

Presently the DHA offers training programmes in 14 specialities, including emergency medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, accident and fracture medicine, family medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology.

The new training specialities will include acute care, endocrinology and metabolism fellowship among others.

Al Qutami also announced that the Authority is working in parallel to further develop training methodologies.

He stressed that medical education, training and professional development are the basis for excellence and innovation of modern methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment and that the Authority spares no efforts in implementing educational programmes, which refine the skills of its medical staff and enhance their scientific and professional competences.

He said that the Authority is keen to foster the development of training programmes and to promote knowledge-transfer to new generations of young doctors, ensuring the continuity of high-quality training and experience.

Al Qutami felicitated the doctors supervising The Dubai Medical Specialties Training Programme and expressed the authority’s appreciation to all the doctors and supervisors in-charge of the programme.

So far, 432 doctors working in various medical specialities at DHA have graduated from the programme in the past years.

He also appreciated the significant role played by the Department of Medical Education and Research headed by Dr Wadeia Sharief, Director of the Department, in order to raise the level of medical professional practices and the department’s keenness to adopt the best training and fellowship programmes supervised by the department in cooperation with leading international academic institutions.

Presently, 415 DHA resident doctors are pursuing their further education and training in various specialities under the DHA’s Dubai Medical Specialties Training Programme, which is an integrated medical training and education system that starts from graduation and prepares the trainee to become a specialist in their chosen field of medicine.

The programme is highly comprehensive, takes place in coordination with internationally renowned medical education facilities. The duration varies between four to six years based on the selected speciality and thus the programme helps ensure the provision of highly specialised medical professionals in the emirate who serve the health system in Dubai with an aim to provide the community with the highest quality of medical services.


Source: Emirates News Agency

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