DFWAC concludes 5-year campaign on human trafficking awareness

DUBAI, The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children has concluded the fifth and final stage of its annual campaign to raise awareness among the most vulnerable groups of human trafficking, targeting workers across various fields, under the slogan, “Be Aware”.

Afra Al Basti, Director-General of the foundation, said that the campaign targets employees of beauty salons, various shops, as well as employers, to raise awareness among them over the definition of human trafficking and its most prominent methods.

She said that this year, Bengali speakers in the country have been included in the target audience of the campaign, which was launched in 2014, through the dissemination of awareness messages through various social networking sites.

Al Basti pointed out that the foundation delivers awareness messages through various means, including educational leaflets that have been translated into 10 languages.

As a large number of the most vulnerable groups of human trafficking are unable to read and write, she said the awareness messages have been converted into audiovisual broadcasts across several local radio stations, labour gatherings, and other locations, as well as in the form of a simple awareness film.

Al Basti also stressed the importance of scrutinising work contracts, stating that they should be written in a language the applicant understands, as well as the need to preserve documents and provide a means of communication so that the person can communicate with the people concerned before proceeding to travel for employment.

She also stressed the importance of entering the UAE legally and avoiding fraudulent papers, scrutinising entry permits and validity.

She explained that the foundation disseminates awareness messages across various media platforms on 30th July of each year, in conjunction with the World Day against Trafficking in Persons, to combat human trafficking, and holds regular meetings with embassies and consulates of source countries to reduce the number of victims.

Source: Emirates News Agency