DCCA to host conference on geotechnical and structural engineering

DUBAI — Dubai Creative Clusters Authority, DCCA, the government regulatory body mandated to foster the economic development of Dubai Creative Clusters, will be hosting and endorsing the International Conference on Recent Developments and Innovations in Geotechnics and High Rise Structures in Dubai.

The three-day event, which takes place from 16th to 18th May, is organised by MIDAS IT, and will see international experts, industry leaders and academics giving keynote addresses, presentations and running workshops. The primary objective of the conference is to create a platform to enable new advances and innovation in structural and geotechnical engineering.

Speakers will exchange knowledge, insights and best practices from around the world on critical subjects ranging from 2D and 3D modelling in deep excavations, the art of structural design, challenges for tall building foundation design and much more.

Mohamed Al Bahri, Chief Officer of Zoning and Commercial Affairs at DCCA, said, “Through the sharing of knowledge and best practices, this event will support the unprecedented growth that we are witnessing in the construction sector both in the emirate and across the UAE. It will help develop smart infrastructure and advance technological skills and capabilities that is much needed in this sector. We are proud to stand behind this event which is in line with our mandate and the Dubai Plan 2021 as it aims to ensure world-class infrastructure by encouraging the improvement of the quality, technical application and innovative practices in building sites across Dubai.”

This fast-growing sector enjoys a strategic significance in Dubai’s economy proven by the fact that the emirate is home to one in every five of the world’s top 100 super-tall completed skyscrapers.

He added,”Dubai has achieved impressive feats in the structural and geotechnical engineering disciplines, with record-shattering structures such as the Burj Khalifa. In order to continue reaching new heights, we need to empower industry leaders by creating a space where they can share ideas and exchange tools and techniques.”

Ravi Kiran Anne, Director at MIDAS IT, Dubai, said, “This event will serve as an excellent platform for the civil engineering fraternity to share their expertise and practical knowledge on current design practices followed to design high rise structures in Dubai.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

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