December 6, 2022

CRRC Positioned ‘The Creator of Value’ with New Innovations and Solutions at InnoTrans 2018

– CRRC unveils three new locomotives, metro car and a high-speed train at InnoTrans 2018
– Aims to reduce client costs with the introduction of new train “health care” monitoring solutions and flexible solutions
– Launches an integrated rail, freight, air, and ground travel solutions system for modern cities

BERLIN, Sept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — InnoTrans 2018, the world’s leading international trade fair for transport and technology and industrial weather vane for future city development, played witness to the unveiling of CRRC’s latest and most advanced product offerings and transportation solutions yesterday. Under the theme of being the company of choice to “create value with high-tech solutions” within the integrated transportation service industry, the company dazzled spectators with the unveiling of several advanced new product technologies and a series of innovative solutions. It was also the first time that the company took two real working locomotives over 7,300KM to join the world’s leading transportation technology fair.

  • An ‘internal combustion + battery’ hybrid AC shunting locomotive
  • CETROVO, a new generation of ‘intelligent’ carbon fiber metro train
CRRC unveils three new locomotives, metro car and a high-speed train at InnoTrans 2018

“Over the past several years, CRRC has aimed to position itself as an ‘integrated rail transit solutions provider’ and ‘creator of value’ to its global customers, transforming from product providers to system solution creators,” said Sun Yongcai, President of CRRC. “Our exhibition at the world-renowned InnoTrans trade fair, our innovative new products, and cost-effective solutions all reflect these two concepts.” CRRC is ranked the largest railway equipment suppliers by turnover in 2017 by SCI verkehr.

Under these concepts the company presented their innovations with three key areas in mind gaining time, reducing costs, intelligence and integrating for the future.

Gaining Time

Alongside the two new locomotives and metro car presented at the outdoor exhibition center the company also launched a series of new solutions for modern growing cities, including a highly versatile high-speed intercity train and cargo car that can reach speeds of 250km/h. The new intercity train offers the option of ease of flexibility during passenger low/high seasons, while the time-saving new freight car can cut down on supply chain costs with a high-volume transportation solution for fresh-food or first-aid materials for disaster relief.

Reducing Costs

With optimization in mind, the company also unveiled, PHM, a sensory “healthcare system” for trains. The forward-thinking new system provides operators with real-time diagnostics and predictions regarding the health of their fleet of trains; improving decision-making and reducing costs through precision diagnosis.

Two visitors show high interest for CRRC’s latest and most advanced product offerings exhibited on the stand at InnoTrans 2018

Integrating for the Future

The latest freight solution from CRRC unveiled to spectators at InnoTrans, imagines a world that is interconnected with a transport system to match. By linking up various modes of transport, such as road, air, rail, and sea to one integrated system the company aims to enhance the logistics industry, reduce costs and raise efficiency.

“CRRC aims to build a respected international company, with solutions and value at its core. To date, we have worked with partners across the globe to improve the rail transportation industry, opening over thirteen R&D centers around the world, including here in Germany with the jointly built Sino-German Rail Transit Technology Centre with Dresden university,” said Cao Gangcai, the spokesman of CRRC. Adding, “At InnoTrans 2018, we hope to show our achievements but also to highlight the opportunities of working together to create value for the industry and rail passengers.”

CRRC highlights the opportunities of working together to create value for the industry and rail passengers.

InnoTrans 2018 will run from 18-21 September, visit at Hall 2.2/Stand 310!

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