BREAKING: Arab Coalition, Yemen Resistance Forces advance towards Hodeidah

ADEN, With the support of the UAE Armed Forces operating within the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, the Yemeni National and Tihama Resistance Forces and Giant Brigades continued advancing towards the Al Jah area in the Bayt al-Faqih District, reaching within 50 kilometres of the strategic Hodeidah port, amid an unprecedented state of confusion, panic and major collapse in the Houthi militias’ defenses and ranks, as a result of the surprise massive military operations.

The resistance forces found – during the combing and purging operations – very large quantities of weapons, ammunitions and military equipment and vehicles after the rebels fled Al Mugris and the farms they were hiding in within the Tahita District.

The Iran-allied Houthis militias are losing ground as resistance forces make sweeping advances towards the city of Hodeidah and its port.

The rebels have suffered severe blows and heavy casualties in equipment and personnel, while tens of their fighters fled the battlegrounds.

A Yemeni military source said thanks to the massive air support by Arab Coalition jet fighters, the resistance forces have liberated many strategic areas, including Zubaid and Jubaliya Junctions, Matina, Al Mugris, Al Mujalis and Al Suwaiq.

”The successive fatal blows have paralysed and confused the militias, leaving them unable to withdraw their weapons and dead bodies,” the source stated.

”Many desperate and defeated rebels have been arrested by the resistance forces,” he added.

The Iran-allied militias have suffered major collapses in their ranks and defences thanks to the large-scale operations launched to liberate the Hodeidah city and expel the rebels.

With major advances made by the resistance along the Red Sea Coast, the coup is nearing its end.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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