‘Bonds of Strength/1’ highlights military cooperation between UAE, Jordan

ABU DHABI, The ongoing joint military exercise, dubbed, “Bonds of Strength/1,” between the UAE Armed Forces and the Jordanian Armed Forces, highlights the military cooperation between the UAE and Jordan, based on cooperation, coordination and the exchange of military expertise.

The exercise, which began last week, involves many joint training scenarios, including coastal defence, urban combat, and the live firing of medium and heavy weapons, which showcase the combat skills and quality of training of the participating forces, as well as their level of understanding in conducting joint military operations.

The exercise, which is key to strengthening the military cooperation between the two countries and encouraging the exchange of military expertise, has improved the coordination and integration between participating military units.

The military cooperation between the UAE and Jordan is the key to maintaining the security of the Middle East, as both countries are jointly facing the challenges and threats to the region.

Source: Emirates News Agency