Berri welcomes Emirati Ambassador

NNA – Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, on Wednesday welcomed at Ain-el-Tineh the newly appointed Emirati Ambassador to Lebanon, Hamad Saeed al-Shamsi, with whom he discussed the current general situation and bilateral relations between Lebanon and UAE.

Speaking to reporters following the meeting, the envoy announced the formation of a center for consular services to provide the best services for the Lebanese, covering Lebanon and Syria.

“This center will be located in SOLIDERE area,” he indicated.

“The bilateral relations are witnessing a remarkable development and they are at their best level. It is a flawless fraternal relationship,” he added.

Asked about the reason behind not granting visas to some Lebanese belonging to a certain sect, the Ambassador said that the UAE was open to the world and to all of the sects and communities. “What is diffused in media is incorrect,” he pointed out.

In response to a question about the Lebanese deported from UAE, he indicated that his country did not target any category of the Lebanese.

“Almost five years ago, the services of about 600 persons residing in UAE and nothing happened. But, each country has its particularities and is entitled to protect its security,” he concluded.