Balozi APP to Enable Envoys Interact Directly With Pres Kenyatta (

President Uhuru Kenyatta has launched the Balozi app, a mobile application developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to enable envoys to interact directly with the President.
The app, according to the President, will create a more private and conducive interaction channel for the Head of State and the envoys.
The President further noted that the app will improve communication and cut on the cost of making phone calls. He added that it is also a way of promoting the adoption and use of technology by the envoys.
The app will provide, among other things, a messaging service, teleconferencing capability and video conferencing channel.
The President was speaking when he opened the 17th Biennial Ambassadors’ High Commissioners’ Conference at Ukunda in Kwale County.
Developed by Kenya’s Rapid Communications Ltd, the mobile application will enable the envoy to have seamless interaction with the Foreign Affairs Office and the Cabinet Secretary.
Amina Mohamed, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, said; ” The Balozi app is the first of it’s kind in the world, connecting all the ambassadors together.”
While demonstrating the app, Aninda Dutta, Business Development Director at Rapid Communications Limited reiterated; “The Balozi app was developed with the key purpose of ensuring seamless communication between the stakeholders to facilitate prompt decision making.”
The President noted that the Balozi app would create a more private, and conducive interactive channel with the envoys. Additionally, through the use of the app, the envoy would be adopting the use of digital technology in accordance with the Jubilee manifesto.
The key features of the Balozi app include:
Personalized user profiles: user can edit their personal profile, update their contact details, add their social media handles and specify their designation.
Create user groups: an administrator can create custom user groups e.g. Middle East Group containing envoys in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
Instantmessaging: Balozi allows real time text-based communication and will alert users when someone is online. When members are offline, messages to a user will be available as soon as he/she comes online.
Document, video, image and pre-recorded message upload: This feature allows a user to share documents (up to 5MB in size) for instant viewing.
Event calendar: users can add upcoming calendar events and share with other members
Feeds: will enable user to search for Individuals or locations and chat, filter feeds by events, display messages, notifications, status, events photos and videos from other users and enable users to add status, photos, videos or event to the feeds.
Security: this is closed-loop secure app.
The President challenged Kenyan envoys to harness trade and diplomacy to catapult the country into the league of great economic and political powerhouses of the world.
He further asked the Ambassadors and High Commissioners to project Kenya’s national interests abroad to meet the imperatives of Vision 2030.
“As my representatives in different parts of the world, I expect you to have a sound grasp of our national interests,” President Kenyatta told the envoys.
He singled out the unfair, unnecessary and damaging profiling of Kenya abroad – especially on the security situation – as one of the urgent tasks for the Ambassadors and High Commissioners to mitigate.
Other speakers were Cabinet Secretaries Joseph Nkaissery (Interior) and Najib Balala (Mining), Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho and the Dean of Ambassadors Amb. John Lanyasunya.