January 29, 2023

Austrian Parliament amends law prohibiting use of extremist slogans, symbols

VIENNA, The Austrian Parliament has approved an amendment to the “Law of Symbols”, which bans the use of slogans and symbols of extremist groups and organisations. The law now covers symbols and slogans of several organisations, including the Muslim Brotherhood.

Commenting on the amendment, Herbert Kickl, Austria’s Minister of Interior, said that the law seeks to deal with groups “developing activities on Austria’s territory against fundamental rights and the rule of law.” He explained that experts specialising in the protection of the constitution are currently preparing a list of slogans and symbols prohibited under the new law, which will take effect next March.

The law was adopted in the parliament with the support of the conservative ruling People’s Party and its coalition partner, the Freedom Party, while opposition parties advocated the inclusion of the right-wing extremist groups in the list of the amended law. It originally came into force in 2014, and already prohibits the use of slogans from Al Qaeda and Daesh.

Source: Emirates News Agency