AppyKids Announce a New Global Fashion Edutainment App Starring You (PR Newswire)

DUBAI, UAE, April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —
Dress Up Zee – The World in your Wardrobe 
AppyKids announce the launch of their new app Dress Up Zee. This will be the fourteenth app launched by Growl Media and is available on the Apple App store, Google Play store and Samsung Galaxy App store.

Dress Up Zee is an interactive edutainment fashion app which features AppyKids’ most successful character Zee, an Arab girl inspired by the great explorer Ibn Battuta, who travels around the world and takes users on cultural adventures through the medium of fashion.
A key feature is that users can personalise the app and become a Dress Up Zee model.  Users will be able to create 6 different profiles and use them whilst playing.
Dinesh Lalvani, CEO, Growl Media said, “The team had a lot of fun creating Dress Up Zee.  Fashion is an indomitable presence in our lives and it is a great way to explore and discover the world.  With this app we have combined global fashion and cultural learning in one fun app.”
Choose different countries and explore their national dresses and costumes.
Combine and style outfits for 3 main AppyKids models: Zee, Farah and Karim, in global locations.
Users can become a Dress Up model by taking a picture of themselves.  They have the option to create 6 additional models.
While playing Dress Up Zee, users will hear greetings in the national language of each chosen country and learn the local words for several items of clothing.  
In Zee’s Room you can mix and match the outfits from each country to create a unique ‘dress up mash up’.
Users can share all their creations with family and friends via social media.
Artistic hand-drawn global backgrounds with detailed costumes and accessories.
Boys and girls alike will enjoy playing with this app.
New country and seasonal style packs will be released periodically.
Easy to use, kid-friendly interface.
App is free to play.
About AppyKids 
AppyKids is a subsidiary of Growl Media and was established in April 2013 in Dubai, UAE. AppyKids creates bilingual, culturally-relevant ‘edutainment’ apps and content for children and grown-ups alike.
To date they have over 1,200,000 app downloads, have launched fourteen apps, which have ranked #1 in 18 countries and a cartoon series ‘The Adventures of Zee’.
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