Al Mushrif community introduced to Abu Dhabi Toll System

ABU DHABI, The Majalis Affairs Office at the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court in coordination with the Department of Transport – Abu Dhabi,DoT, and the Integrated Transport Centre,ITC, has organised a lecture entitled “The Abu Dhabi Toll System” at ‘Majlis Al Mushrif’, to introduce the toll system on four toll gates on major bridges leading into the city of Abu Dhabi. The system will be activated on 15th October in order to reduce traffic congestion and raise the efficiency of the transport sector in Abu Dhabi in line with the Abu Dhabi Surface Transport Master Plan.

The lecture aimed to inform the community about the mechanisms of the new toll system and introduce its services. It highlighted the significant achievements and development of the transport sector in Abu Dhabi, since its inception, becoming a developed city with intelligent transport systems and smart technologies in line with global technological advancement. The Al Mushrif lecture is part of a series, which will be conducted in the near future.

The ITC aims to introduce the toll system to the community and strengthen community engagement, maintain communication with UAE nationals, listen to their opinions and suggestions, and inform them of the ITC’s role in contributing to the objectives of the Abu Dhabi Surface Transport Master Plan. ITC is establishing an integrated and sustainable transport system that provides the best services to the community and supports the overall economic development of Abu Dhabi.

The toll system is one of a series of strategic projects aimed at encouraging the general public to utilize Abu Dhabi’s public transport network, reduce the use of private vehicles and encourage carpooling, thus contributing to reducing traffic congestion, raising the efficiency of the transport sector and achieving ITC’s vision of integrated and sustainable transport for a better life.

The toll system operates thorough an advanced electronic payment system and vehicles will be identified by their plate number without having to install a pre-paid sticker on the front windshield.

Source: Emirates News Agency