December 10, 2022

Al Ghufran tribe members tell of human rights violations by Qatari regime

GENEVA, Members of Al Ghufran tribe continued to expose the systematic violations against them at the hands of the Qatari regime, which included revoking nationality, forced displacement and depriving them from basic healthcare, educational and social services.

Speaking at a press conference at the Geneva Press Club today, the tribe members accused Qatar’s National Committee for Human Rights of violating commitment to the Paris Principles which provide for independence of national human rights bodies, by ignoring the tribe’s complaints.

They called on the international community and international advocacy organisations to support their case and to help them restore their nationality, to punish those who committed the violations, to compensate the tribe members and to protect them from the pressure that could be applied by the Qatari regime to dissuade them from claiming their rights.

Sheikh Rashid Al Omra, a member of Al Ghufran tribe who lost his nationality, said the Qatari regime started targeting the tribe following their support to Sheikh Khalifa Al Thani who was overthrown in a coupe by Hamad.

Dr. Ali Al Marri said the tribe members have been subjected to a collective punishment and suffered from humiliation and forced displacement to torture at the hands of the regime for 22 years.

Saleh Al Hamran urged Arab and international human rights organisations to help him so he can see his mother and siblings again.

Nasser Al Mana and Jaber Rashid recounted their personal tragedies after their nationalities were revoked while they were abroad.

Source: Emirates News Agency