Al Foah settles over AED35 million as third payment to local farmers

AL AIN, — Al Foah Company today announced the settlement of the third payment to farmers of over AED35 million for dates trade earnings, covering the harvest period up until 30th of September 2016. Over 1,315 farmers received the Al Foah third payment funds.

Over 18,000 farmers from the UAE marketed their dates at 8 receiving centres, including Al Foah, Al Saad, Bu Kriya, Ghamd in the Eastern Region, Saih Al Khair, Al Marfaa and Ghayathi in the Western Region, and Al Dhaid in the Northern Region.

The Chairman of Al Foah, Dhafer Ayed Al Ahbabi, said, “Al Foah has always been a primarily endorser of local date production in the UAE. We work hand-in-hand with local farmers to offer them numerous cooperation options which ensure covering all their requirements, including periodical financial support that enables securing their agricultural needs during the different seasons.”

Musallam Obaid Balkhalis Al Ameri, CEO of Al Foah, said, “We received more than 105,000 tons of dates this season, and local farmers achieved great strides, generating 61,300 tons from the Eastern region, around 9,300 tons from the Northern Emirates, and 34,400 tons from the Western Region.”

Khalas dates, totalling 42% of the full quantity of dates received, are by far the largest harvest received from the beginning of the season due to growing consumer demand for its high quality and unique flavour and colour. Dabbas dates of the Western Region came second, followed by Fard dates, and substantial quantities of Kharayef dates, in addition diverse varieties of dates.

Saih Al Khair Centre scored highest in receiving dates, with 30% of the total quantity from the beginning of the season, followed by Al Saad Center with an estimated rate of 26%, and the BuKriya Centre with 19% contribution.

Mohammed Ghanem Al Qusaili Al Mansoori, Deputy CEO of Al Foah, said, “Al Foah strives to maintain the highest standard of services provided to local farmers. Our-state-of-the-art call centre plays a vital role in maintaining open and direct communication with the farmers and our qualified Emirati staff is fully equipped to offer unparalleled support and advice.”

Source: Emirates News Agency

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