ADM cracks down on 72 beauty salons in Khalifa City, MBZ City

ABU DHABI, — The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has launched inspection campaigns to crackdown on women beauty parlors and salons in Khalifa City and Mohammed bin Zayed City to verify their compliance with the hygiene and sanitation conditions in place.

The move comes as part of the Municipality’s strategy to protect visitors of such service outlets from the negative impacts of substances used, particularly cosmetics and other medical devices, besides ensuring the physical fitness of staffs.

These inspection campaigns reflect the keenness of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport , Abu Dhabi City Municipality to ensure the best health standards in such service facilities, safeguard the health and safety of all community members and protect them from any fraud or violations that undermine their health.

The campaign resulted in issuing seven offences against the beauty parlors that fall short of the health specifications and standards and referred them to the court for further legal actions.

During the campaign, five violations were registered, and 78 packets of cosmetics and herbal mixtures were seized as they fall short of the health specifications and standards and pose danger to users.

The confiscated materials included beauty creams, fragrance sprays, hair fixers, expired materials, body care products, shoddy cosmetics, hair dyes, bath oils and other adulterations.

The municipality noticed that beauty parlors and hair-dressing salons had shown a great deal of compliance with rules and regulations as evidenced by the downward trend of offences and warnings issued against these beauty centers.

The municipality has warned against using ear candles, which may harm the eardrum and cause ear canal inflammation. Ear candling, which is classified as alternative medicine therapy, is banned in women beauty salons; and must only be used by specialised medical clinics.

The municipal inspection campaigns targeted three categories, firstly: owners of women’s salons and beauty centres, who are obliged to meet health requirements including cleanliness and sterilisation, besides obliging staffs to attach utmost attention to public hygiene.

Secondly, the inspection campaigns targeted customers of hairdressing salons to educate them about the health requirements by providing them with leaflets and brochures containing health requirements. Thirdly, the inspection campaigns targeted the low-rated salons in terms of compliance with health requirements.

The legal actions taken by the Municipality against violators include following up offending saloons to remind them of the importance of adhering to all laws to avoid violations, and ensure their compliance with health requirements.

In case they violate such laws, legal actions shall be enforced depending on the type of the offence (instant offences, judicial violations, warnings), where the competent court shall determine the fine according to the laws and regulations in place.

Source: Emirates News Agency