February 9, 2023

ADM completes e-link project with Abu Dhabi Judicial Department

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi City Municipality, ADM, has completed the e-link project with Abu Dhabi Judicial Department – as part of both government institutions efforts to leverage performance, improve customer services, facilitate procedures and enhance communication channels.

Under the project, official transactions will be based on a centralised digital system for both parties, as of March 2018. It reaffirms the municipality’s continued endeavours to upgrade services and utilise digital technology to simplify procedures and streamline transactions to raise the satisfaction of customers and strategic partners.

The e-link between ADM and Abu Dhabi Judicial Department guarantees fast access, speedy delivery and easy tracking of transactions, and better quality of service, thereby obviating customers the need for visiting both entities before the transaction is completed.

The initiative – parts of Abu Dhabi Government’s vision to implement the e-link project – reflects the keenness of Urban Planning and Municipalities Department to prop up partnership and integration with the public and private sector to improve services, and streamline procedures. The step is also intended to realise the municipality’s objectives in line with the directives of the government and the aspirations of community members.

The municipality is now linked digitally with 139 public and private institutions broken-down as follows: 10 public institutions, 88 private institutions, 30 legal expert offices and 11 prosecutor offices.

Source: Emirates News Agency