February 9, 2023

ADAFSA’s International Symposium on Quality Management in Veterinary Laboratories concludes

ABU DHABI, The International Symposium on Quality Management in Veterinary Laboratories, organised by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, ADAFSA, concluded on Thursday at its headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

The two-day symposium concluded in the presence of Rashid Al Rasas Al Mansouri, Executive Director of ADAFSA’s Animal Wealth Sector, and specialists from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

It was also attended by Prof. Venicio Caporali, former Director of the Italian Veterinary Laboratory Network and founder of quality systems in the World Organisation for Animal Health, OIE’s veterinary laboratories, Dr. Karim Tounkara, the OIE Regional Representative for Africa, Dr. Salama Al Muhairi, Director of ADAFSA’s Veterinary Laboratories, many employees who have extensive experience in quality systems in veterinary labs, and representatives of the country’s national veterinary laboratories.

While opening the symposium, Al Mansouri, affirmed the significant role of ADAFSA’s veterinary labs in diagnosing and preventing diseases. He underlined the importance of implementing quality systems to ensure diagnostic efficiency, and drawing on the expertise existing in ADAFSA’s technical and administrative quality.

During the symposium, specialised presentations were made on the importance of quality management systems in the veterinary laboratories and the return of implementation. The lectures also highlighted the most important requirements of ISO / IEC17025: 2017 standard.

The participants recommended the need to apply quality systems in veterinary labs and adopt quality as a scientific course in veterinary medicine and labs. They stressed the importance of raising the national labs’ preparedness and efficiency to control epidemics arising from animal diseases, preparing a list of the most important animal diseases in the country, and providing the necessary materials for diagnosing such diseases. Moreover, the participants recommended the importance of having a reference laboratory in quality management system for the region concerning with training and assisting other laboratories of in this field.

Thanks to the role of ADAFSA, the OIE named Abu Dhabi to host its sub-regional representation (SRR). The move enhances Abu Dhabi’s position and strengthens cooperation between the OIE and the Member Countries of the region, namely GCC countries and Yemen.

Source: Emirates News Agency