Abu Dhabi’s social agency services achieve 92% customer satisfaction in 2019

ABU DHABI, The Abu Dhabi Department of Community Development, DCD, said that 92 percent of customers were satisfied with the services provided by agencies working in the community development sector, while another 92 percent of complaints were resolved out of 468 total complaints received during the first half of this year.

The department also revealed that the rate of digital transformation in services was 90 percent during the second quarter, compared to 64 percent during the first quarter of 2019.

As the entity overseeing the social sector in Abu Dhabi, the DCD is working on developing a technology strategy and establishing standard data and IT systems across the sector.

The first quarter report on agencies working in community development highlights the progress made in the current and future initiatives implemented by these agencies to serve the community in the areas of housing, family care, the third sector, digital transformation, as well as improving the quality of services provided to stakeholders, and other areas.

The results highlight the efforts of agencies towards surveying the people of determination, which was completed up to 90 percent last year.

The first half of 2019 witnessed the launch of the first Ma’an Social Incubator, which aims at incubating entrepreneurship projects with a positive social impact. The first round of applicants targeted projects that serve people of determination.

As for housing, the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority issued the first installment of loans for 2019 to 2,000 beneficiaries, with a value of AED3.15 billion.

The report also looked at the Abu Dhabi Family Cohesion Index, which the agencies are working to improve through various initiatives and programmes.

“The community development sector in Abu Dhabi has witnessed a number of qualitative achievements in the first quarter of 2019, covering various segments and categories of society. This greatly serves our higher purpose of ensuring ‘A dignified life for all'”, said Dr. Mugheer Al Khaili, Head of the DCD.

The DCD will collaborate with the Department of Health to prepare a guide that helps link diseases to disabilities according to the disability classification, with a view to reaching accurate numbers in monitoring the disability index.

In addition to the DCD, nine other government agencies are working in community development, including the Family Development Foundation, the Zayed Family Care House, the Zayed Higher Institute for Humanitarian Care and Special Needs, the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, the Zayed House for Islamic Culture, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, the Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation, the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority and the Authority for Social Contribution � Ma’an.

Source: Emirates News Agency