Abu Dhabi Social Development Committee visits New England Centre for Children

ABU DHABI –The Social Development Committee, a committee of Abu Dhabi’s Executive Council, has visited the headquarters of the New England Centre for Children, which helps children with autism adjust and adapt in society, in Mohammed bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi.

The committee was introduced to the services the centre provides to children with autism, and its teaching and research mechanisms, which are being developed with the use of technology.

The delegation was briefed on various education methods the centre adopts, toured its facilities, and saw the education services it provides to help children integrate in society.

Saif Badr Al Qubaisi, Chairman of the Social Development Committee, said, “The government gives great importance to creating an environment that allows people with autism to fully and normally integrate in society. It is also keen on providing them with the facilities and capacities that allow their education and development in the best way possible.”

Al Qubaisi also confirmed the importance of providing educational systems that reinforce the skills of children with autism and their ability to communicate with their peers, adding that it is important to develop their knowledge, awareness and ability to interact with others.

He stressed that children with autism are no less important than their peers in the community, and have the chance of receiving the best and most modern healthcare services to help them in their journey. This will in turn contribute to building a promising and educated generation that can serve the country and the community. He noted the provision of a decent and healthy life for all individuals in Abu Dhabi is one of the key factors driving sustainable progress in the emirate.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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