A Wholesome Epitome of TV Perfection- Toshiba TV X8900K

HONG KONG, Oct. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Designed to be a sophisticated beauty with the most enthralling display quality, Toshiba TV’s X8900K is more than just a digital-age television; it is an evident craftsman masterpiece. Accruing its deserved global acclaim within months of its initial release, this OLED television takes visuals to a galvanic new level with features that truly distinguish. More to that, Toshiba TV continues to surpass itself, with the high-end model X9900’s debut in the Brazilian market end of the year. Compared to X8900K, X9900 further upgraded in the sound and picture quality, equipped with Screen Sound Technology, bringing cinema-quality sound enjoyment.

At a first glance, users will be enthralled by the X8900K’s super sleek, bezel-less design. At a phenomenal 4.9mm ultra-slim OLED screen that is tastefully finished into an artistic single metal sheet design, this TV is all the rave of modern television technology.  The unforgettable excitement of a massive, boundless OLED screen is that every image is so real that users feel pulled into each scene, relishing every visual element within it optimally.

Running on the most premium operating system in television technology, VIDAA, the X8900K is made to make big screen viewing experience as seamless as it is magnificent. This commitment is expressed by the infusion of the smartphone control feature. Ditch regular remote control and all its hassles for smartphone, doubling as TV remote. This feature on Toshiba TV’s X8900K is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. Install the Remote Now application on smartphone and pair effortlessly with Toshiba TV.

Another intriguing feature of the Toshiba TV X8900K is the Bluetooth Wireless Connection, which ensures an ultra-immersive audio delivery. Bringing the sounds of user’s favourite content to ears in consistent decibels of the purest sound, the X8900K is in a league of its own.

With its VIDAA operating system, this TV works with Bluetooth headphones or speakers without compromising on its flawless audio output. Feel every emotion uninterrupted from its source as Toshiba TV X8900K amplifies sound perfection through a wide range of Bluetooth-enabled audio gadgets.

The combination of a majestic design, compatibility with smartphone, and the ability to deliver powerful vibrations of sound through Bluetooth speakers and headphones make the Toshiba TV X8900K a wholesome epitome of TV perfection.

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