155% rise in smart application usage to report minor traffic mishaps in six months in Sharjah

SHARJAH, Rafid Automotive Solutions, a subsidiary of Sharjah Asset Management Company, the investment arm of the Government of Sharjah, announced a 155 percent increase in smart application usage for reporting minor traffic accidents during the first half of 2021.

In addition, Rafid reported an increase in the number of minor accidents during the same period by 24 percent owing to the traffic situation’s return to normalcy this year following the precautionary measures taken against the COVID-19 pandemic that significantly reduced accidents last year.

Overall, 38,843 minor traffic accidents were recorded during the first half of 2021 on Sharjah’s roads, with a response time of 11.06 minutes, of which 60 percent were caused by not maintaining a safe distance. The other causes of accidents ranged from not adhering to the lane, reversing without attention, negligence and lack of attention despite the continuous awareness campaigns being implemented by the authorities concerned with roads, transportation and public safety.

Salim Saeed Al Midfa, CEO of Rafid Automotive Solutions, stressed that the significant increase in the reporting of minor traffic accidents through the “Rafid” application enhances digital transformation in Sharjah which contributes to facilitating and accelerating the procedures for obtaining services and increasing the satisfaction of customers, as well as achieving more flexibility in linking partners for greater efficiency and quality in the provision of services in the emirate.

Al Midfa added, “We are working in collaboration with Sharjah Police to provide innovative solutions that contribute to enhancing the quality of services provided to customers while giving them all possible options to keep pace with the latest technologies, whether with regard to the ease and speed of obtaining services through smart applications or taking advantage of the modern mechanisms and equipment available in our facilities.”

Source: Emirates News Agency