Sharjah Institute for Heritage launches ‘Marawed’ cultural magazine

SHARJAH, — In its endeavour to highlight Sharjah’s culture and legacy, the Sharjah Institute for Heritage (SIH) has launched its first magazine, called ‘Marawed’, at the Cultural Heritage Events Centre in the heart of Sharjah on Saturday.

The newly launched magazine will focus on stories about the emirate’s history, food, customs and science.

“The magazine’s focus on culture is underlined by its name, Marawed, a word whose etymology is rooted in the core of Emirati and Arabic linguistics, as well as cultural heritage. Marwad is an Arabic word for Kohl stick or Kohl eyeliner. It is the singular for Marawed, the name of the magazine. The desire to deliver the Kohl of cultural heritage to the beautiful eyes of residents and visitors have influenced our choice of name for this new incredible magazine,” said Abdulaziz Almusallam, Chairman of SIH and Head of the Higher Committee of Sharjah Heritage Days.

In its first edition, the magazine celebrates the old city of Sharjah through a report on the history and traditional heritage of the city, which were discovered through excavations in various regions of the emirate, including Mount of Faia, Al-Buhais, Muweileh, Malihah and Al-Qasimiyah. These excavations include fortresses, citadels, houses and markets.

The issue also covers the image of Sharjah through the eyes of ancient historians and geographers, whose writings showcased the emirate’s authenticity and its cultural interactions with many extinct civilisations.

The other chapters contain popular poetry, colloquial traditions, quotes and proverbs. It also celebrates the heritage of people from different corners of the world through special mentions about the diversity and richness of the different cultures of the world.

Readers will find articles about heritage festivals in the UAE, including World Cultural Heritage Week in Sharjah, Sharjah Heritage Days, the Little Artisan Programme and a report on the intellectual seminar organised by the SIH on “The Manifestations of Cultural Heritage”, from the writings of H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah. There will also be an investigative report on the reality of the UAE dialect, in the context of the UAE’s stance to embrace different cultures and nationalities, and how the move has led to the introduction of some foreign words into the local dialect.

“Marawed is a new initiative through which the Sharjah Institute for Heritage seeks to fill the communication and interaction gap with all readers and specialists by sharing vast and beneficial knowledge. We are confident that this magazine will serve as a great platform for people to read about and share culture in the UAE and across the world,” Abdulaziz Almusallam said in conclusion.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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