RTA launches Vehicles Safety Service Centre for installing remote monitoring devices in heavy trucks

DUBAI, — The Roads and Transport Authority, RTA, has opened the Vehicles Safety Service Centre at Jabal Ali Free Zone, Jafza. The Centre provides services of installing remote monitoring devices to detect faults in heavy vehicles that have completed over 20 years in service, where almost 300 trucks were fitted with the monitoring devices in February 2017.

The Vehicles Safety Service Centre is one of the RTA’s projects implemented in support of the Smart City initiative of the Dubai Government and conforms to the strategic objectives of Dubai and the RTA aimed at improving the traffic safety and road security by reducing accidents of heavy vehicles.

The service is intended to classify the risks posed by vehicles, drivers and transport companies with the aim of easing the burden on compliant parties and applying a more rigorous approach to defaulters. It will also reduce the frequency of stopping compliant vehicles on roads for on-road inspections according to the risk rating given using the information generated by the technical inspection and vehicles safety system.

“The service has a feature for monitoring the number of driving hours and attitudes of heavy vehicle drivers, including reckless driving, sudden braking, dangerous acceleration, over speeding, traffic accidents and driving during prohibited timing or places, among others,” said Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of RTA Licensing Agency.

“For the time being and up to 1st August 2017, the service will be elective and voluntary. During this period, transport companies will be able to avail the service at low rates,” revealed Bahrozyan.

He added, “Transportation firms will be obliged to fit their vehicles which have more than 20 years in service with a Telematics Device upon the renewal of their licenses or applying for new licenses, starting from 1st August 2017.”

“In the event of non-compliance with the system, the RTA will be obliged not to register or renew the registration of the vehicle until it is fitted with the system. It will implement the Federal Traffic Law by abolishing the registration of the vehicle for failure to renew registration. The service targets all heavy vehicles licensed in Dubai Emirate and the implementation phase comprises three phases. The results of the initial phase will be shared with the Federal Traffic Council for considering the implementation of the system across the nation,” added the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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