New multidisciplinary headache clinic to open in two DHA Primary Health Care Centres

DUBAI — The Dubai Health Authority’s, DHA, Primary Health Care Sector, PHC, announced the plans to launch two multidisciplinary “headache clinics” at Nad Al Hamar Health Centre and Al Barsha Health Centre this month.

The launch of the clinics comes after notable demand from patients as the Neurology Department in Rashid Hospital receives around 5,000 patients annually complaining of headaches.

Dr. Manal Taryam, CEO of PHC, said that these headache clinics are in line with PHC’s initiative to launch specialised units within health centres in Dubai to make sought-after specialisation more accessible and time efficient.

PHC has collaborated with doctors from DHA hospitals to provide services to patients.

“We have decided to first launch a headache clinic after we conducted a study and found that there is a high demand from patients. We are first going to launch a headache clinic in Nad Al Hamar Health Centre on 17th July and two weeks after that, we will be launching the second centre in Al Barsha Health Centre,” she said.

Dr. Abu Baker Al Madani, the Head of the Neurology Department in Rashid Hospital said that all studies have proven the importance of having a multidisciplinary team with different specialisations that include neurology, psychology, family medicine and physiotherapy in correctly diagnosing and treating headaches and migraines.

At the centre, the patients will also be able to get an x-ray examination, lab examination and treatments, without having to go to the hospital.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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