Emirates Publishers Association meets with members for groundbreaking initiatives

SHARJAH — In a direct drive to boost greater interest in reading, the Emirates Publishers Association, EPA, is planning to launch a market research project and parent awareness campaign following recommendations made by its members during a special interaction session that was recently organised at Sharjah’s Flag Island.

The research will help to determine which topics and genres the public prefers, in order to produce more content that meets their literary passion and tastes, and the awareness initiative is aimed at parents, teachers and librarians to identify the criteria for selecting books for children.

The session, moderated by Ali Al Shaali, Vice President of the EPA, and Mohammed bin Dakheen, the Association’s Treasurer, explored ways to advance and support UAE publishing in keeping with EPA’s vision and reinforce the country’s standing in the industry worldwide. The members debated a range of issues, including the reality of publishing in the country and challenges it faced.

They also expressed their appreciation of the EPA’s efforts under the presidency of Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi, to protect and safeguard their rights, emphasising the EPA’s role as an umbrella under which they can exchange knowledge, experiences and expertise.

Ali Al Shaali said, “Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi has always stressed the need for open channels of communication with EPA’s members and the duty we have to listen to them, understand their concerns and celebrate their successes. It is through events such as these that the members can learn best practices and develop from being good local publishers to prime regional publishers and eventually, achieving the highest international standards on a global stage.”

He added, “It is essential during these sessions that the EPA embraces the mood of their members and gives support where it is most needed. Our publishers know that they have our full backing and as a facilitator, we often have a greater insight into the industry as a whole and can offer advice and guidance as well as introduce new and effective initiatives. We will make these meetings a regular fixture.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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