Department of Transport launches ‘Rehla’ awareness campaign

ABU DHABI, The Department of Transport, DoT, in Abu Dhabi has announced the launching of ‘Rehla, Smart and Sustainable’ awareness campaign to increase the level of awareness about the importance of cooperation among the local business communities and institutions with DoT.

The campaign encourages supporting DoT’s efforts to enforce a world-class transport sector that is sustainable, secured and supports the economic growth in the emirate.

“This campaign raises the level of awareness among the society members with regard to transport sustainability and changes their behavior towards using public transport modes,” said Badr Al Qamzi, Director of Integrated Transport Planning.

Rehla campaign focuses on four main pillars; adopting smarter and sustainable daily travel alternatives, avoiding traveling during peak times on the transport network, avoiding congestion hotspots and alleviating key pinch points, and decreasing the traveling demand in the first place.

Al Qamzi added that the campaign comes in line with the mutual cooperation with the private sector aiming to increase its support to the efforts DoT is dedicating towards the sustainability of transport sector and managing the traffic flow. According to Al Qamzi, using public transport means will reduce traffic congestion especially in the areas where workplaces, shopping malls, hotels and facilities providers are located.

He assured that transforming Abu Dhabi to a smart city and reduce the use of private vehicles is a practical solution to overcome challenges caused by the increased demand on transport. He added that smart public transport modes will positively influence the operational performance of companies and entities based in Abu Dhabi.

As part of the campaign, DoT offers entities free consultation to develop an action plan that facilitate the transport options to its sites in Abu Dhabi. This includes a visit by DoT’s Transport Mobility Management Team to conduct employees’ travel behavior survey and evaluate the results. An action plan will be designed accordingly in order to encourage using smart and sustainable transport modes.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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