ADM holds induction workshop about new Infrastructure Permit System

ABU DHABI, The Infrastructure and Municipal Assets Sector, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, recently held a workshop about the new Infrastructure Permit System, IPS.

The attendees included teams from the Infrastructure Asset Division, Health, Environment and Safety Division, Materials Quality Section – Infrastructure Support Group, and scores of contractors and coordinators at the external centres that use the new system.

The workshop is part of the municipality’s keenness to inform partners and recipients of municipal services about the latest developments/improvements of services and the procedures of availing them. The workshop also reviewed the procedures of using the new infrastructure permits issuance system, which has been activated since the beginning of this year as the CDP system has been shut down.

The new system offers a number of permits for services such as tunnels drilling work, asphalt pavements cutting and re-paving, pumping groundwater into the rainwater drainage network, removal and placement of pavement of sidewalks, parking lots and roads directly through the municipality’s website in coordination with the Information Technology Division.

The new system facilitated the measurement of a performance indicator for the entire service from the time the application is received until the required permit is issued. The new system also has a positive bearing on overall performance and permits issuance rate.

Since the launch of the new system in April 2018, as many as 61 infrastructure permits have been issued comprising 54 permits for pumping groundwater into rainwater network, four permits for asphalt cutting and three permits for tunnel drilling.

To use the new IPS system, the contractor first submits a new permit issuance application using the IPS system interface. External centres then receive the application and forward it to the Material Quality Section, the Operation and Maintenance Contractor or other competent sections to estimate the bank guarantee value and approve it. Next, the contractor sends the bank guarantee and the study fees to the Abu Dhabi City Municipality before downloading the receipt and receiving the application from the external centres to issue the permit. The electronic permit is then ready for printing and saving online. It is noteworthy that the contractor category benefits most from this system.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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