ADDED executes control and inspection plan in Abu Dhabi Emirate for Ramadan

ABU DHABI — The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, ADDED, is implementing a control and inspection plan covering markets in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Region and Al Dhafra Region during May ahead of the Holy Month of Ramadan. The plan includes conducting five campaigns covering outlets, groceries, cattle markets, consumables markets, along with a project to raise consumers’ awareness about appropriate behaviour.

Khalifa bin Salem Al Mansouri, acting Under-Secretary of ADDED, stressed the Department’s commitment to enhance control and inspection campaigns during official holidays as commercial activities increase in all the Emirate’s regions, which requires exerting more efforts to protect consumers and monitor all violations to the rules and laws regulating practicing commercial activities.

“The campaigns are part of the Commercial Protection Division’s annual plan implemented by monitoring and eliminating negative practices that may affect the business environment in Abu Dhabi,” said Mr. Al Mansouri, praising the contribution of the department’s strategic partners from government, semi-governmental and private entities, to the fulfillment of achieving the strategic objective of increasing the emirate’s business competitiveness.

Al Mansouri pointed out that negative practices in the emirate, particularly during holiday seasons, are the result of the acts of business owners unaware of the laws and rules regulating economic activities in Abu Dhabi.

The acting Under-Secretary of ADDED called on the emirate’s community to tackle negative commercial practices by promptly reporting violations to the authorities, in particular ADDED, being the authority mandated to regulate the emirate’s commercial activities in coordination and collaboration with stakeholders.

Mohamed Munif Al Mansoori, acting Executive Director of Abu Dhabi Business Centre, ADBC, said that the control and inspection campaigns for May cover 16 major outlets with 60 shopping centres in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.

“The campaigns covering groceries will be focused on major outlets such as the Mina Market, Madinat Zayed, Mushrif Mall, Green Markets in Bani Yas and Shahama, Al Zafarana Fruit and Vegetable Souk, Al Ain Central Market, Madinat Zayed Vegetable Market, and vegetable markets in Al Mirfa, Ghayathi, Liwa, Selaa, Dalma and Al Ruwais.

“The third campaign will be dedicated to inspecting cattle markets and butcheries in several centres in the emirate’s three regions, being the cattle market and butcheries in Mina Zayed, butcheries in Madinat Zayed and Mazyad Mall, butcheries at Al Ain’s old central market, and cattle markets in Al Mirfa, Ghayathi, Liwa, Selaa, Dalma and Al Ruwais,” Al Mansoori explained.

He added that inspection campaigns will also include other outlets in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra, such as restaurants serving meals during daytime in Ramadan without a permit, Ramadan tents in hotels, and exhibitions and sale and promotion campaigns in the emirate’s three regions.

“ADDED is committed to raising consumer awareness during holiday seasons and Ramadan by conducting campaigns, distributing leaflets and displaying films in outlets, in addition to using social media to address consumers and deliver awareness messages to them,” Al Mansoori concluded.

Source: Emirates News Agency

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